Only About Children

A one of a kind, unique company with a densely inspiring history, Craig & Rhodes was established in 1923 by Professor Alexander Donald (Don Craig) and Mr. William Lester (Bill) Rhodes in the heart of Sydney CBD. Since then, the company and team have succeeded in honouring this traditional backdrop to their specialised services in land surveying, engineering and planning.  With over 90 years of experience in providing professional services to the urban development industry, the Craig & Rhodes team, now situated in Rhodes, emphasize a resolute and self-assured work chic.


With an emphasis on Children and the care that the OAC team have for all children, inOne’s design centers around a family-friendly concept. This is depicted as you walk into the open and inviting reception area and then being welcomed by the large tree-like feature depicting a child’s favourite memory – the playground and learning in a natural and comfortable setting. Using contented, calm and relaxed textures of light blues within the soft seating areas, complimented by the fresh tones of greenery, the team can focus on collaboration opportunities to work on the health, development and well-being of children. As a backdrop of the organised workstation arena for a big team, the joyous faces presented on the feature wall alongside a pivotal quote reminds the team of what the OAC vision is and what makes the work of OAC so special.