BJC Health

A professional organisation specialising in ‘connected care’, BJC Health offer treatment and diagnosis of arthritic conditions. Their approach provides patients with a focused health care experience using the collective expertise of a multitude of specialists and associated health professionals to aid arthritic conditions. Their ability to integrate care from different experts, where required, is what really sets them apart. BJC Health has locations in Chatswood, Brookvale and their new premises in Parramatta, fitted out by inOne Projects.


inOne delivered a relaxing and polished environment for BJC Health. Led by the owners, the design centred around the open and inviting reception area complete with a children’s play area and a large window showing off the state of the art gym facilities. The breakout space inOne designed for BJC uses black finishes which gives it a modern feel whilst the orange feature wall brightens up the space. The blue breakout chairs against the orange wall subtly showcase BJC Health’s branding colours adding an element of brand awareness. The use of timber wall and ceiling paneling throughout the fit out creates fluidity through design and adds a natural finesse to the space. This timber detailing is complemented by the unique wall graphic which pictures a green, calm and relaxing rainforest scene. This creates an equal part visually striking but serene atmosphere in the space.